Coursera Certificate |It Offers Thousands Free Courses!!

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Coursera certificate can be helpful for today’s competitive advanced world.

Coursera’s central goal is to give a life-changing learning experience to anybody, anyplace.

Coursera has drastically diminished expense, distance and time hindrances to giving students from around the world an exceptional admittance to the best colleges and instructors, in contrast to any time in mankind’s set of experiences.

So whether you are a mother of two trying to get back into a job, or a mid-level manager aspiring for a leadership role, or simply curious about an emerging field, it’s a platform for everyone.

Coursera is an active medium for learning courses from various domains, from computer science to cooking.

Some of the best professors in the world offer courses in the public interest, and there are free and paid courses. It also helps students to get a prestigious scholarship for higher study abroad.

I wouldn’t say it’s better than a college degree because a college degree comprises of a certificate that proves your savvy in a set of courses under your degree. In contrast, a Coursera certificate is equivalent to a single course that comes under your degree.

The Coursera certificate is valuable additions to your profile since they are globally renowned now and trusted by many today. But definitely not equivalent to a college degree.

How many courses are there in Coursera?

There are lots of courses are available in Coursera. Here I find out the top ten courses in Coursera.

The list goes as follow:

1.Google IT Automation with Python by Google

2.The Science of Well-Being by Yale

3.IBM Data Science by IBM

4.Machine Learning by Stanford

5.Python for Everybody by University of Michigan

6.Google IT Support by Google

7.Deep Learning by

8.Data Science by Johns Hopkins University

9.Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Review by Georgia Tech

10.Social Norms, Social Change I by University of Pennsylvania and UNICE

Coursera Class Details

Pedagogy of Coursera is different from the other education platforms as per their offerings. The length of courses varies according to the program content, although it varies between 6 months to 7 Years. Programs deliver into D2D mode to the students.

At the same time, Classes would be conducted Live as well as students got recorded sessions and assignments as well. Degree programs are long-duration programs up to 5 years.

coursera free certificate

The same students access lectures through the Coursera platform. Still, they are advised and assessed by UoL faculty and teaching assistants on a rigorous set of assignments, projects, and exams.

The flexible degree programs allow students to study online according to their schedule. As due to the different time zone of the universities and international students, most of the learning would be through recorded session only.

But in some programs, a Written examination is the assessment method for a module. And are conducted at the centres of Coursera with the collaboration of other institutions like British Council etc. Which are available all over the world.

Courses at Coursera starting at free (No Cost) and last up to 20 lacs. Also, there is a subscription scheme in which the average cost of a 1-month subscription of a particular Specialization by Coursera would be Rs.5,899 and can have access to many programs you would like to pursue.

In a sense, Coursera is a saviour for those with few or limited learning resources. You only need to have a computer and a stable internet connection and you are good to go.

It used to be a non-profit organization but now they have transformed into a for-profit one. However, this does not mean you have to pay for each course you take.
There are a few options:

  • You can either pay upfront and start a course.
  • You can audit any course without paying. But you won’t be able to access the quizzes and exercises.
  • You can apply for financial aid if you can show them you do not have sufficient resources to pay for the course.
  • There are many courses which are free-for-all. You do not have to pay a single penny and all the course material will be available to you for your benefit.

I have found Coursera to be an extremely useful, effective learning platform and they are doing a great job to provide education to the general population all over the world.

Are degrees through Coursera are authentic?

It’s not so much whether the courses themselves are respected or not, its whether you are able to master the lessons taught and apply them in your internships/full-time positions!

For example, suppose you state on your resume that you took three Scala-related Coursera courses. In that case, recruiters won’t automatically move your application forwards.

However, suppose you are able to show on your resume how you applied the Scala skills that you gained during your courses. In that case, that will be the best way to get the recruiters’ attention.

Also, you can show the Coursera certificate as proof of your skill on that particular subject.

In order to demonstrate this, you can do side-projects in Scala and show your code in GitHub or you can do coding challenges online and prepare to show off your Scala skills during the interview process!

How can I answer questions of the financial aid of Coursera?

1) For the financial circumstance question: Just be honest and say flat out that your income (some honest USD figure) is only sufficient for you to cover your living expenses hence leaving you with little extra money to afford course certs. Note that if you are planning to apply for 1 or 2 courses, you should keep the figure consistent.

2) For the course value: tell them your purpose: why are you interested in this course? Career-switching? Advance in studies? Learn new valuable skills to keep up in the job market? Say tangible motivations that will lead to a concrete goal like getting the employer’s attention, building real projects, and making deliverable products.

3) For academic integrity and community contribution, just repeat all the honor code pledge. And promise them that you will be a good learner who will diligently complete the course while helping other learners have a positive Coursera experience.

The good thing about Coursera is the financial aid is reallly easy to apply. edX financial aid application takes weeks to apply and not 100% chance of success.

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